We have a variety of Coaching options to choose from, including ones for Teams (e.g., Work & Sports), Individuals (Executive & Non-Executive) and Families.


We have been told our workshops are the best ones people have ever been too! Why? Because they are interactive, fun and you can apply what you learned right away!


Whether you need a Keynote speaker, or someone to speak to your team, group, organization or company, I have you covered. Topics I often speak about include Motivation, Positivity, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Women in Business, Mentoring, Communication, Success, Career Management, Entrepreneurship.
However, these are recommendations, as I have a "gift" of being able to speak about a wide variety of topics.
Challenge me to help come up with a topic which will serve your audience perfectly. You will not be disappointed, as my speaking style is high energy, focused and engages all members of the audience.

Pick the Coaching Type that best suits your needs. 


Sometimes a team needs to be rebuilt. This often occurs when a new head of sales comes in. However, there are numerous factors which can contribute to a company who wants to rebuild their sales team. Other reasons include:

  • the company is growing so quickly
  • they may not have the right type of sales people who are poised to handle such rapid growth
  • your product line has evolved, and now you need different type of sales characteristics to hit and exceed your sales goal number (e.g., relationship versus high volume type of sales people)
  • your team has lost its enthusiasm
  • some team members ended up on the team who are better suited for non-sales roles

The list for why you want to rebuild a sales team can be endless. This program is set-up to help you evaluate in an entirely different way how to rebuild and/or keep the majority of the team members to limit the disruption caused from a complete rebuild. However, exploring a complete rebuild option is factored into this program.

Energize & Optimize:

Sales team performance and the team members on it have ups and downs from month to month. Having a better and renewed understanding of what motivates and drives the performance of the people on your team is critical. Especially if you are trying to smooth out the  sales performance trends. Taking and having a “fresh perspective” of who is on your team, and how they can optimally contribute to the team, can add tremendous performance value when you know how to harness it. This program puts you and your team “back in performance and higher motivation shape”, and provides everyone with a renewed sense of achieving stronger  performance results.


Building out a new team, or adopting a team have similar challenges. In both cases, the team is new to the leader of the team. Determining how to “fast track” getting to know, understanding each team members value contributions and performance talents takes time. This also applies to how the team interacts with the “new” boss. Having a mutual understanding of everyone on the team is critical to long term success.

This program allows you to accelerate the process of understanding who is on your team, and them you (the leader). The result? You will all know one another from an entirely different and better level than you imagine is possible.


In the food in beverage industry, food and wine is commonly paired. There are also reasons they are paired together, and some of these same reasons can be applied to pairing people together too. Pairing work people together is both an art and a science, and when the pairing is a strong one, both the pair and others will take notice. This program recommends which pairings are ideal, and will help you not to avoid less than ideal or incorrect pairings.


I am a firm believer that everyone needs a coach. Even coaches, and I have several of them! If you are interested in being the best version of yourself, and truly understanding what your innate strengths are and how to apply them every day, let's start you down this path.

When is the right time to work with a coach? ANS. There is no perfect time to start your coaching. However, when you make the decision to become coached, you will be happy that you made this decision, and wished you had done so earlier. I'm not just telling you this, this is what I hear from all of my clients!


Families benefit enormously from Gallup Strengths Coaching, as they often find out that they have more in common with one another than they thought. When family members also learn about each others strengths, they see and can appreciate one another in an entirely different, and highly positive manner.

When families embrace one another's talents versus focusing on their differences, the family dynamics shift towards strengthening the family, and provide them with a new way to understand and communicate with one another based on having insightful knowledge of each others respective talents and strengths.

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Workshops Options to Choose From:

Workshops are a tremendous way to engage and hyper focus people on a topic, for numerous purposes. For example, everyone at one time or another needs some extra motivation. Whether they need to be motivated professionally or personally, it doesn't really matter.
Our Motivation workshop is one of our most popular workshops, and many of our workshops are "custom built" to support the topic you want your team or group to be focused on.
Here are some other workshops ideas to get you thinking about a topic which will best serve your team.
  1. Understanding what motivates you
  2. Own your confidence. (10) Ways to do so.
  3. How to develop your own Board of Advisors
  4. Talk to the author of Wisdom Whisperer about your favorite chapter topics
  5. How to improve your communication with these (5) tips
  6. Finding and leveraging your niche
  7. The value of staying in touch
  8. How to talk to anyone
  9. Seeing opportunities. Do you?
  10. Reputation. How to keep yours going in the right direction.
  11. (6) Ways to turn up your aspirational thinking
  12. Overwhelmed? You don't have to be.
  13. How to improve communication
  14. Peer to Leadership

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